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The Art of Shuffles

Shuffles is a multi-talented, driven hip-hop artist who grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, and developed an interest in music early. Before coming to City Boi Entertainment, he started performing throughout the Midwest at just 13 years old. Once he graduated from Sumner High School, he moved down to Miami, Florida, where he tried to make his name in the Southern music scene. After dealing with some shady promoters and their empty promises, he opted instead to learn the business.


College & City Boi

He graduated from college at El by Nelly Vatterott with a degree in both audio engineering and the music business. He learned every aspect of the industry in order to become his own boss. Finally, in early 2015, everything fell into place when he signed with City Boi Entertainment. Once he joined our team, he appeared on our first official LP, Dis Thing of Ours. The first song, "Higher", was just a taste of the superhuman lifestyle he lives these days. Now, through his music, fans find an uncontrollable high from which they never have to come down.

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Million Dollar Song